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About me

After taking three years of photography in High School and College I always had a fascination for capturing nature photography out on trips and hikes. Many of my previous jobs in the corporate industry required photoshoots both with me behind the camera and with me facilitating and managing photoshoots for entire brands.

When I opened Jules Design Studio I knew I would be offering Graphic Design services, but over time clients presented a need for assistance with photo manipulation, editing, and eventually photoshoots as well. I am pleased to share that I am now offering photography services!

More information below.

If you want to see some of my fun nature photography click the link below!

Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation can be used to extend backgrounds, combine older and newer photography to cut down photoshoot costs, and iso much more.

The examples below demonstrate some of these methods, but can also demonstrate how images can be updated to match previous photography styles. When you have an online ordering platform and items are shot at different times, they may not always look consistent. Photo manipulation can help maintain consistency for the overall look of your online shop.


The possibilities are endless!

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