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Video Editing &
Motion Graphics


Hi, I'm Jules!

After years in corporate offices, I had this feeling deep down that there was more for me out there on my Graphic Design journey. I had many additional talents outside of design and I kept finding myself in careers that only allowed me to focus on a small portion of my capabilities. I dreamed of a role where I could truly blossom and provide many services for those in need.

Jules Design Studio started as a business that provided design, illustration and branding services. Now in my third year as a Freelance Graphic Designer, I have expanded the services provided to assist with Real Estate Drone Videography, Photo & Video Editing, and so much more. Let's set up a free consultation to see if any of these services could benefit your business!

Recent Drone Projects



Jules is a first class designer! Her creativity, designs, editing and conceptual work is first class. To us, her motion video work and superb Drone expertise is second to none.! Not only do we appreciate the level of her work, our clients and always THRILLED! PS: Jules is also GREAT to work with and highly cooperative. Jules is an integral part of our continued success in representing unique homes and architecture for sale in Arizona! Contact me personally any time for a reference.

- Scott J, AZ Architecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate

Let's Work Together!

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Business Hours:

Weekdays: 8 am - 5 pm MST

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Please allow 24-48 business hours for all email responses.



Phoenix, AZ

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